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   New In Stock - Vericom 8-Way Coax Mapper, Pansat 8x1 DiSEqC Switch, Geosatpro SL1P Prime Focus Ku LNB
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     *DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.2 Receivers Compatible   
     *Works with any Receiver via Remote Control

     *Compatible with any Actuator using a reed or hall sensor

     *99 Programmable Memories

     *Easy Operation and Quick Installation
     *Fine-tune Function for Better Reception

     *Anti-Noise Circuit to avoid miscounting 

     *Short Circuit and Overload Protection

     *Software Limits Protection

     *Auto Turn-off Function

     *Re-syncronize Function  



    V Box 7
    Remote Control
V-Box 7 Controller/Positioner w/Remote. All new model for 2011! Control your 36 volt actuator with your DiSEqC receiver using this device. Want to use a FTA receiver to move your Big C Band Dish? This is what you need. Compatible with DiSEqC 1.0/1.2, and with any Actuator. 99 Satellite positions. Fine Tune East/West buttons, Auto shut off function, short circuit overload protection and anti-noise design. 3 Digit LED.
Sorry - Out of Stock!

V-Box 7 DiSEqC Positioner/Controller

Model V Box 7
Input Voltage 110 VAC 60 Hz   13/18VDC (F type via Coaxial Cable)
Output Voltage 13/18 VDC (F Type/According to input)  36 VDC via motor cable
Max Current 3.5A
Position Memories 99
Max Power Consumption Standby 5W / Max 70W
Protocol DiSEqC 1.2/2.0
Remote Control IR
Operating Temperature 5C to 40C (41F to 104F)
Storage Temperature  -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F)