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   New In Stock - Vericom 8-Way Coax Mapper, Pansat 8x1 DiSEqC Switch, Geosatpro SL1P Prime Focus Ku LNB
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For all FTA Dishes up to 90cm (36 Inch) that require a standard 42mm tube
For all FTA Receivers that support DiSEqC 1.2, or DiSEqC 1.3 (USALS) protocol
Powered by your FTA Receiver using the coax cable to the LNB
No external power source required
Compact Structure
Ultra Low Noise
Limit Protection 

Communication Protocol DiSEqC1.2, USALS
Antenna Maximum Diameter 95 cm (37")
Maximum Antenna Weight 10 kg
Support Pole Diameter 35 68 mm
Antenna support length 145 mm (5.5")
Antenna support diameter 42 mm
Rotation Angle 65
Rotation Speed 2.4/s (18 V); 1.5/s (13 V)
Work Voltage 13 / 18 Vdc
Stand-by Consumption 40 mA
Work Absorption 180 mA
Max Consumption 350 mA
Operating Temperature -40C +80C
Max Relative Humidity 100%
Settable Positions (DiSEqC1.2) 49 satellites
Preset Positions (DiSEqC1.2) 28 satellites
Settable Positions (USALS) without limits
Connectors F-type
Link coaxial cable
Mechanical Limits 70
Settable Electronic Limits 5 65
Fine Rotation 0.1 impulses
Inclination on the pole 10 70
Weight 2600 g

STAB HH90 Motor
Gift Box
Brackets /Hardware to mount

HH90 STAB Motors - Direct from Italy!   Motorize your 90 cm (36 inch) Ku-Band dish and run it with a FTA Receiver with DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS capabilities. This Horizon-to-Horizon STAB Motor works off of the single coax cable that is used to power the LNBF. This STAB Motor will let you move your Ku-Band dish (Up to 95cm in size and Up to 22 lbs) to different Satellites for MORE FREE TO AIR CHANNELS! These trusted STAB brand motors are the best you can buy!


$120.00 FREE Shipping*!

*Free Ship anywhere in the USA   AK/GU/HI/PR/APO etc included!  

STAB HH-90 DiSEqC USALS Dish Motor - Made in Italy