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    QARL-3624+ Model 24 Inch "Monster Motor" Actuator
    Mounting Hardware
Time to fix up your old C Band dish and make it move like new again! This 24" dish actuator is just what you need to bring it back to life. The all new QARL-3624 "Monster Motor" 24 Inch Actuator is Heavy Duty, Water proof, Anti Rust, with a Super Reed Sensor with Rutheniam plated contacts . Comes with all mounting hardware and a full 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty.
Sorry - Out Of Stock!

QARL-3624+ Monster Motor 24 Inch C Band Dish Actuator

*Shipping is to Continental United States Only

Model Number QARL-3624+
Rating Load 300-350kgs/660-770 pds
Input Voltage 24-36 vdc
REED Sensor Current <=10mA
Stroke 600 mm / 24 Inches
Tube Diameter 41.275 nn / 1 5/8 Inches
Ambient Temp -10˚C~45˚C