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Pro Install Tool Kit!


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A Complete Coax Compression Connector Install Tool Kit with: HV-508 Universal Compression Connector Closing Tool, 2 Blade Fully Adjustable Coax Stripper Tool, and 25 pcs Ridgeloc360 RG6 Universal Compression Connectors.

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Channel Lists & Satellite Charts, The Guide to Free TV from Space
Complete FTA System: Receiver, Geosat 36" Dish, PLL LNB, Install Kit

Complete FTA System: Receiver, Geosat 36" Dish, 0.2dB Linear LNB

Complete Coax Compression Connector Pro Install Tool Kit

Avenger KSC321S2 Universal 0.2 Linear Ku LNB + Single LNB Bracket

Titanium Conical Scalar Kit with C1-PLL C Band LNBF for C on Ku Dish

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   Coming Soon - Manhattan RC-1978 HD FTA/IPTV Receiver!   Now In Stock - GEOSATpro HDVR3500 FTA/IPTV Receiver w/64GB Hard Drive

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 Complete FTA/IPTV HD PVR System!

Sorry - Sold Out!

*Ships Free anywhere in the US 48 states.

Manhattan RC-1978 HD DVB-S2 PVR FTA/IPTV Receiver H.265, HDMI, Blind Scan, AC3 Audio. GEOSATpro 36" Offset Ku Dish. Avenger 0.2dB NF Universal Single Ku LNB!!

DVB-S2 MPEG-4 HD FTA IPTV, PVR Ready. 1 Year Factory Warranty. Does not come with Coax Cable or Install Kit.

 Complete FTA/IPTV HD System!

$239.00 Free Shipping!

*Ships Free anywhere in the US 48 states.

GEOSATpro HDVR3500 HD DVB-S2 FTA + IPTV Receiver with HDMI Out, Blind Scan, AC3 Audio and 64GB Internal Memory for DVR. GEOSATpro 36" Offset Ku Dish. Geosat SL1 PLL Standard Single Ku LNBF!!

PLUS BONUS FREE INSTALLATION KIT with 75 Ft Coax, Ground Wire, Ground Block, Compass, Lag Bolts, Cable Ties, Cable Clips, Silicone and more!