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Additional Information:

DVR Ready Features:

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. Pause and replay live programming or record your favorite programs with perfect digital reproduction on the GEOSATpro DVR1200 with the attachment of an optional external USB 2.0 drive. No more puzzling over the VCR record menus, watching blurry pictures, and fumbling with bulky videotapes. Don't miss your favorite shows. Watch them at your convenience, whenever you want! View your favorite photos and listen to MP3 audio files through the DVR1200 multimedia center on your TV or connected stereo.
Connect an optional USB drive and get ready to replay and pause live or recorded programming or create instant replays with the Time Machine function. Save up to 2000 hours on an USB 2.0 external 2000GB (2TB) drive.
Record hundreds of hours of your favorite television and thousands of hours of radio programming for future viewing on your TV. Sharing or archiving recorded programs is simple with connection to your home computer. Watch recorded shows on the road with your laptop or share recorded programming files with any computer.

*External USB Hard Drive or USB Flash Stick Required for DVR functions, not included, must be purchased seperately.

Glorystar Support:

The Geosatpro HDVR fully supports the Glorystar Satellite System. The Glorystar Satellite System gives you absolutely FREE access to over 70 Christian Television and Radio channels with one satellite dish with no monthly fees or service charges! The exclusive Glorystar automatic channel updating feature makes sure that you are always receiving all available channels. New channels are automatically added to your receiver without any complicated programming in the menus or expensive service calls by local installers.
Why pay your local cable company or satellite company a monthly subscription charge to receive only a few Christian channels when you can enjoy Glorystar the Christian, faith-based digital television and radio services received directly from the satellite.
More Christian channels are available from a Glorystar Satellite System than from any other provider!

Easy Installation

Installations are easy with the intuitive on screen guide which directs you through the activation, set-up and aiming steps. An advanced signal meter automatically appears on screen with a graphical spectrum display indicating signal changes as the dish is adjusted and updated twice a second! No long wait times for the receiver to lock onto a signal. A convenient signal button on the remote control allows instant access to the signal meter at anytime. A signal beeper provides audible verification of satellite acquisition.

GEOSATpro HDVR1200 HD DVB-S2 DVR C/Ku Free To Air Satellite Receiver
Remote Control with batteries
Operators Manual
AC Adapter/Power Supply
RCA Cable
HDMI Cable
1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Free Lifetime Forum Support l
The GEOSATpro HDVR1200 HD DVB-S2 MPEG-4 DVR C/Ku Band FTA Satellite Receiver offers 2 modes of operation: 1) Glorystar and 2) FTA for the Hobbyist! Finally, a MPEG4 HD satellite receiver with hardware and firmware designed, developed and programmed in the US specifically for the North American market. Loaded with the functions that hobbyists and satellite enthusiasts have requested! The GEOSATpro HDVR1200 is a powerful, reliable, full 1080P HD DVB-S2 FTA satellite receiver with DVR and multi media playback! All licenses, certifications and requirements for North American are in place, including FCC part 15 compliance, ETL safety certification and Closed Captioning support. USB/SAT Update and DVR Ready*. Comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. *External USB Hard Drive Required for DVR functions, not included. Hard Drive or USB Flash Stick required to use the DVR Functions. Not included, must be purchased seperately.
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