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GEOSATpro 90cm/36"




93.5 x 85 cm (36.5 x 33.5")

Midband Gain at 12.5 Ghz

39.6 dBi

Aperture Efficiency

75% min.

Beam Width

-3 dB - 1.8 degrees

Offset Angle

24.62 Deg



Surface Accuracy

+/- 0.01 degrees

Elevation Adjustment

0 to 90 degrees


Polyester Powder Coating Charcoal Gray


Steel 0.7mm thich


Operational Winds

65 mph

Survival Winds

125 mph

Ambient Temperature

-40C ~ +60C


10 years


This is the GEOSATpro 90cm/ 36" Offset Satellite Dish! The Best dish on the market just got even better! Already considered among dealers and hobbyist to be among the best constructed 90cm dishes available, the New and Improved hardware takes this outstanding dish to a new level of reliability and performance. CAD designed and performance tested to outperform much larger dishes. Other brands compare the size of the reflector, but cannot match the performance of the GEOSATpro product. GEOSATpro 90cm satellite dish provides the most accurate surface quality and is preferred over others in its size class.

Quality Construction and Heavy Duty Hardware Constructed of heavy duty 0.7mm (not 0.6mm) thick 100% galvanized steel that will not rust or corrode. An attractive and durable coating of charcoal colored textured poly withstands the elements and will look great for many years! Patented rolled reflector edges provide the support necessary to maintain a perfect parabola. The LNBF arm is attached to the elevation bracket and strengthened by two support arms creating the strongest tripod LNBF support structure of any consumer dish available. This exclusive design provides an incredibly strong support for even the largest and multiple LNBFs. The sturdy adjustable elevation bracket allows for aiming angles from 0-90 degrees. Mast Pole is 1 5/8" diameter (42mm).

Perfect for use with dish motors! Compatible with SG2100 Motech, STAB, SG6000, and most all other dish motors. Motor Tube size required is 42mm.

The GEOSATpro 90cm has many exclusive and unique features not usually found on any other satellite dish and provides the strongest mast clamp of any design:

Six grips bite into the mast when tightened and prevents the the dish from slipping or rotating out of alignment.
Three clamping bolt holes provide maximum clamping power for use in high wind regions.
Eight ribs evenly distribute the clamping pressure to prevent crushing the mast or post.
Adjustable elevation bracket allows for dish aiming angles from 0 - 90 degrees.
Hardware is hardened SAE with serrated locking washer nuts.
Tripod legs are mounted at any point of the mast with the adjustable clamp to provide a secure mast support at almost any angle or position.
Galvanized Steel provides years of reliable service in the harshest of elements.
Reflector is over .7mm in thickness with outstanding +/- 0.01 degree surface accuracy.
Attractive and durable finish coating of charcoal colored textured poly withstands the elements and will look great for many, many years!

GEOSATpro 90cm exclusive "easy level" universal wall / roof tripod post makes dish mounting a breeze. No need to carry a level on your install. The bubble spirit level slips into the top of the mast for quick verification that the post is plumb and level. No more hassles with off center foot plates throwing the mast out of plumb. The unique slotted post mounts allow for 360 degree post leveling not like other manufacturer designs which only permit front to back adjustments. Tripod legs can be mounted at any point on the mast to assure a solid and secure mounting at most any angle or position even in the strongest wind. Perfect mounting on any angle surface! GEOSATpro 90cm Tripod Mast with easy leveling GEOSATpro hardware is developed to be simply the best!

See below for full specifications and more detailed pictures.

*LNB sells seperately.   ** No returns accepted on satellite dish's.

$109.00 Free Shipping!*

See Below for more pics!!  

*Ship's to 48 Continental US only!  

GEOSAT PRO 90cm/36" Offset Ku Band Satellite Dish!