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  • Regular Duty 24 Inch, 1.5 Inch Tube Diameter Linear Actuator
  • For 6 Ft, 8 Ft, 10 Ft C band Dish's
  • Powered by a 36V Positioner (not included), 800lbs Max Load
  • Single Screw Adjustment, Super Reed Sensor, Adjustable Limits
  • Weather Accordion Boot & Mounting Hardware Included
  • *Ships only in the Continental US 48
  • Brand New on the Market, the most Advanced BUD Dish Positioner
  • Controls Linear Actuator or HH Motor with Reed Type Sensor
  • Automatic Polarization/Skew Setting w/Polarotor Servo Systems
  • DiSEqC Saving of Motor & Polarity setting for each satellite
  • PC Software User DB Editing Sat Position, Count, Sat Name, etc..
  • LCD Green Color 4 Line Scrolling Backlit Screen for Menu/Status
  • High Speed Heavy Duty motor for dishes up to 1.2M
  • 30% Faster than other models, 160 deg azimuth
  • DiSEqC 1.2 and 1.3 USALS Compatible, Goto x Function
  • Anti-Rust, High Speed, Ultra Low Noise, Zero Backlash Design
  • High Resolution Hall Effect Sensor for 0.1 deg accuracy
  • 1 Year manufacturers warranty
  • DYNA Model DP-701 SERVO Motor
  • Brand New in the gift box with gasket
  • Ready to bolt onto your feedhorn, you re-use your existing screws
  • Replaces CHAPARRAL and many other model polarizer motors
  • Control your 36 volt actuator with your DiSEqC receiver
  • Use your FTA receiver to move your big C Band dish
  • Compatible with DiSEqC 1.0/1.2 & with any actuator or HH mount
  • Combine with a BSC621 LNB for C and Ku Band on your BUD

GEOSATpro 120cm / 48 Inch Offset FTA Satellite Dish Antenna

   New In Stock - Vericom 8-Way Coax Mapper, Pansat 8x1 DiSEqC Switch, Geosatpro SL1P Prime Focus Ku LNB

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