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    ASC1 Positioner/Polarization Controller
    Remote Control w/Batteries
    RS232 Programming Cable
The Titanium Satellite ASC-1 Positioner / Controller takes satellite dish positioning and polarity adjustment to a new level. The ASC1 allows automatic or manual dish positioning, polarization and skew offset adjustment under complete satellite receiver control for up to 99 satellites and memorizes these user settings using standard DiSEqC 1.2 protocol.

Any DVBS/S2 receiver will now be able to automatically position a BUD with a 24-36vdc actuator jack or HH motor and automatically switch polarities on a polarotor mechanical polarity system. Don't compromise your system perfomance by using a LNBF with a fixed polarity setting across the arc. Now you can now fine-tune the polarity skew setting for each satellite position and polarity to optimize reception of the weakest signals. Attenuate adjacent satellite or terrestrial interference and start receiving those challenging high FEC and difficult to receive 16 and 32 ASPK signals!

The ASC1 is the first consumer or commercial dish antenna positioner to control a polarotor (mechanical polarizer) and interface with any receiver using the standard DiSEqC 1.2 commands. The ASC1 is powerful, packed with the lifting power rated to a maximum of 36Vdc and 5 Amps, and ramps movement during start/stops to minimize wear and tear on the actuator and dish structure. The ASC1 also positions and fine-tunes the motorized mechanical polarotor for polarity and skew offset control assigned to each satellite and polarity. The controller can be operated via the satellite receiver using standard DiSEqC 1.2 commands, 8 button remote control or front panel soft touch rubberized buttons to allow instant control of motor position, skew / position saving, recall and fine-tuning.

The multi-function, backlit front panel, four row, scrolling LCD screen indicates the satellite name, dish counter position, polarity skew, DiSEqC motor position assignment and direction of travel. The LNB voltage is user switchable to either allow 13/18vdc pass-through polarity switching control, reversed 18/13Vdc or a fixed 13dc or fixed 18vdc output at 450mA. Rear panel motor and sensor connections are heavy duty screw terminals capable of binding up to a 12 gauge wire. Count resolution support up to 50hz allows pinpoint accuracy on automatic dish positioning. The multi-tap high current transformer is rear panel switched to allow operation worldwide with any AC line voltage ranging between 90-240VAC @ 50/60hz.

An external RS-232 serial port allows for firmware updates and saving/editing/loading custom user settings via a PC. Titanium Satellite provides firmware upgrades to add new features, functions and regional satellite lists to simplify installation and configuration. These user database files can be downloaded, edited, archived or shared between units. A software loader / editor makes satellite positioning, naming and polarity assignments easy. No more conversion lists taped to the wall beside your TV as the ASC1 can display the current satellite name, not just a position number or extinct satellite name that failed years ago! No more hours of reprogramming a controller after a factory reset! Imagine the convenience of simply reloading your own customized satellite list and your system is automatically restored.

Seamlessly flip between channels and automatically scan multiple satellites and polarities without needing to use a old 4DTV or analog receiver to position the dish and change polarity. Blind scanning multiple satellites and polarities for new channels will be a breeze! Select the multiple satellite scan feature on your DVBS/S2 receiver and walk away!

Enjoy watching TV again. Now anyone in your household can simply select their favorite channel and the dish will move to the correct satellite position and polarity/skew offset is automatically set! Why pay thousands of dollars for a commercial single axis controller when the full featured Titanium Satellite ASC1 has more features and is available at a fraction of the cost?
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Titanium Satellite ASC1 Positioner/Polarization Controller

*Shipping is to Continental United States Only. Contact us for a ship quote outside of the US 48.

AC Voltage In 115/230Vac, 50/60hz - User Setting
Current in Operation 600 ~ 1200mA @ 115Vac
340 ~ 640mA @ 230Vac
Current in Standby 270mA @ 115Vac / 120mA @ 220Vac
Input Protection 2A @ 250Vac User Replaceable Fuse
Output Voltage M1 / M2 36Vdc (max)
Output Current M1 / M2 5A (max)
Dual Motor Relays 10Amp @ 40Vdc (max)
IF In / Out Connectors F-type IEC169-24 Female Loop-Through
Output Voltage F-Fitting 13Vdc/18Vdc Automatic or Fixed
Output Current F-Fitting 450mA (max)
Over Current F-Fitting Thermal Protection w/Auto Reset
Motor Connections M+ / M- Screw Terminal 14 gauge
Sensor S+ / S- Screw Terminal 14 gauge
Servo Gnd / Pulse / +5Vdc Screw Terminal 14 gauge
RF Insertion Loss 2.5dB
DiSEqC Control Amplitude 0.8 0.2V (required input level)
DiSEqC 1.2 Positions 99
Positioner Count 4999
Sensor Resolution 50hz
Skew Offset +/- 90 from Polarity Setting
RS-232 Transfer Rate 56Kbps, 9 pin Male D-Sub
LCD Operation/Programming 4 Line Scrolling, Green Color Backlight
Front Panel Keys 7 Keys: Power, OK, Lock (Keyboard/Remote)
(Dual Menu Nav) - East, West, Skew+, Skew-
Remote Control Keys 19 Active Keys: Power, OK, East, West, Skew+,
Skew-, +, -, Previous, Home, Numeric (0-9)
Dimensions 11 L x 9.5 D x 4.5 H in
280 L x 240 D x 115 H mm
Weight 11.7 lbs / 5.3 KG